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SGS Fimko - SGS Fimko Ltd.

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CB Acronym: SGS Fimko ID #: 16
Contact person: Mr. Markus Ahvenus
Address 1: Takomotie 8
City: Helsinki Postal code: 00380
State / Province: FI Country: Finland
Address 2:
Email address: Markus.Ahvenus@sgs.com Url: http://www.sgs.fi
Business phone: +358 9 6963 224 Fax: +358 9 6963 466
Mobile phone: +358 40 5471006  
Deadline for the next Re-assessment: 2024-07-02

Aditionnal contacts informations

Mr. Peter Fagerstedt

Email address: Peter.Fagerstedt@sgs.com
Business phone: +358 9 6963245 Fax:
Mobile phone: +358 50 4081397



CB SGS Fimko - Product Category
Laboratory Name Acronyme Country City
SGS Fimko Ltd. Finland SGS Fimko Finland Helsinki
E-CTF type E-CTF Laboratory Name E-CTF Address E-CTF Country Standards Covered Registration date Latest Revision date Report Ref.
Scheme Given name Family name Location Certification decision Signatory Scope limitation Terminated
ENEC, CCA Markus Ahvenus Finland 2009-12-11
ENEC, CCA Peter Fagerstedt Finland 2015-12-04
ENEC, CCA Matti Huttunen Finland 2004-06-18
ENEC, CCA Seppo Lautamies Finland 2009-06-11
ENEC, CCA Joonas Leinonen Finland 2017-11-24
ENEC, CCA Timo Leismala Finland 2017-10-19
ENEC, CCA Mark Lohmann China 2018-07-29
ENEC, CCA Sixten Lökfors Finland 2006-11-03
CCA-EMC Jari Merikari Finland 2004-10-15
CCA-EMC Janne Nyman Finland 2015-04-16
ENEC, CCA Kurt Söderblom Finland 1996-01-01
ENEC, CCA Tom Törn Finland 1996-01-01
ENEC, CCA Kari Vesterinen Finland 2000-01-01
Given name Family name Location Registered date Terminated date
Jaana Kettunen Finland 2021-08-11
Mikko Malinen Finland 2021-08-11
Sami Hakonen Finland 2021-08-11
Andy Cui China 2021-08-11
Andy Pang Pang China 2021-08-11
Bin Zhang Zhang China 2021-08-11
Deyong Li Li China 2021-08-11
Fly Lu China 2021-08-11
Holon Li China 2021-08-11
Iory Xu China 2021-08-11
Jackson Zhang China 2021-08-11
Jason Hoo China 2021-08-11
Jerry Van China 2021-08-11
Karl Chen China 2021-08-11
Larry-Xl Wang China 2021-08-11
Shenglu Cai China 2021-08-11
Siven Kang China 2021-08-11
Zosin Zhou China 2021-08-11
Chance Yang China 2021-08-11
Eric-S Hu China 2021-08-11
George-Zq Chen China 2021-08-11
Sharplee Li China 2021-08-11
Tiger Yang China 2021-08-11