The CCA Fact sheet

Title CENELEC Certification Agreement.
Type European Mutual Recognition Agreement.
Basic document Permanent Document CCA 210, first established 1973; latest revision 18 April 2007.
Scope of products Low voltage equipment for which ENs/HDs exist, mainly electro-domestic appliances and components, electronic appliances (including IT equipment), luminaires and accessories, alarm systems, electrical installation material, equipment (e.g. electro-medical) or aspects of equipment.
Purpose To facilitate and expedite the granting, on presentation of a Notification of Test Results, of a licence for a national mark of conformity in a participating country with a minimum of administration overhead, for equipment which has already received a licence in another participating country.
Since April 2007, there is no geographical limitation applying to manufacturers or manufacturing sites.
Management body CCA signatories, operating within the framework of the European Certification System.
Signatories 25 Certification Bodies located in 22 European countries.
Admission of new signatories Certification Bodies (and their Laboratories) located in one of the CENELEC member or affiliated countries, operating a well-established certification scheme of their own as well as market and factory surveillance for certified products. Assessment of capability and qualification by a CCA assessment team; if positive results, Certification Bodies are accepted following the "three-step-approach" (observer/recognising/issuing member).
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