About the CCA

The CCA is the oldest mutual recognition agreement for electrical products in Europe. Established in 1973 at the initiative of CENELEC, it has been highly successful in providing manufacturers with quick access to the many European national (=private) certification marks with as little repetition of testing as possible. In 2011, about 1,000 CCA Notification of Test Results were issued, leading to the obtention of additional national marks for some 400 products. The CCA, initially limited to European products, is since 2007 open to manufacturers located outside Europe.

Products are tested according to European standards (EN and HD). Prior to issuing an NTR, a pre-licence inspection is carried out at the manufacturer's premises; after issuing an NTR, regular annual surveillance of production is carried out, according to harmonised procedures.

The system, which is in line with the relevant international standards, enables the constant checking of production process stability and ensures the consistent meeting of requirements.

The certification procedures, with regular inspections, are based on international guidelines and are uniformly applied by all member signatories to the agreement operating since 1973.